.All prices are subject to change without notice.

 Please remember: Each customer is responsible to check the web page for updates prior to scheduling     service.                                                                               

                                              MEET & GREET SESSION: FREE                                                              


• Minimum Charge for Service: $20.00.
• Please refer to Mileage Chart below     for potential additional charges.



Mileage will be added to locations as follows:

0 to 2 miles = No charge for mileage.

2.1 to 5 miles = $1.65 per visit for mileage.

5.1 to 8 miles = $2.65 per visit for mileage.

8.1 to 12 miles = $3.65 per visit for mileage.

EMERGENCY VISIT: Add $5.00.                     [Subject to Availability.]

PET TAXI:                                  (10 miles or less): $35.00              (10 miles or more): $50.00                                                              HOME CHECK: Price to be determined based upon distance.                      

LITTER BOX CHANGE: $15.00 per box with pet sit contract; $20.00 per box without contract.                                  


                                                Subject to Change-Last Update May 19, 2019.

1.  Please Note:  A Blissful Pet is unable to care for animals that are aggressive or known biters due to insurance liability.  (Please contact your veterinarian for information on alternate accommodations.)

2.  Visits are guaranteed therefore payment is guaranteed.   
Note: If you leave late or return early, the full price of the contract is due.    

3.  All payments are due in advance.                                                                                                                                        Note: You may leave payment to be collected on the first visit.  If you mail your payment please allow 5-7 days for mail delivery; we must have the payment prior to departure.  Late Fee will be assessed at 15% of total contract. 

4.  Adequate supplies for pets such as Food, Cat Litter, Treats, Medicine, etc. should be provided by the customer to last the 
contracted dates.                                                                                                                                                             Note: If customer fails to leave adequate supplies, then necessary supplies will be purchased by *A Blissful Pet*. The customer is responsible for the Cost of the Supplies, plus the $20.00 Pet Supply Pick-Up fee.

5.  A Blissful Pet reserves the right to choose an alternate veterinarian in case of an emergency.
Note: After attempts to contact the customer's veterinarian, A Blissful Pet reserves the right to have the animal treated by an alternate veterinarian.  The customer is responsible for all veterinary bills including medication costs.  The cost for Pet Taxi will also apply.

6. Our Holiday Surcharge is $25.00.  This is a flat fee, not a per day charge.                                                                            Note: We charge for the following holidays: New Years Eve; New Years Day; Easter; Memorial Day; Fourth of July; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Eve; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Eve; and Christmas Day. --The Holiday Surcharge is applied to all contracts booking dates for the day before the holiday, the day of the holiday and the day after the holiday.--

7.  A Blissful Pet invoices visiting animals on a separate contract at normal pricing.